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How do I watch the videos I just ordered?

Once you place an order, our system will upload your runs to YouTube. In addition to the YouTube link, you'll also be able to download the original video files directly. Both the YouTube and download links will be sent to the email address used at checkout, as soon as your order is complete.

What's the turnaround on an order?

It depends on the quality of internet at the arena. Generally speaking, though, we're able to complete an order within one hour. As soon as your runs are uploaded, you'll receive an automated email from our team, with links to watch your runs.

What are your videography rates & what do they cover?

Our base rate for NCHA shows is $6 per run. In addition to individual run recordings, your show will have its own dedicated webpage, complete with a livestream & real-time scoring updates*. Check out one of our past Shows, for a preview of what these webpages look like!

* Dependent on internet speeds at your venue.

I'm a videographer, can I use CuBit Cutting?

You sure can! We utilize the platform for our own team, but it's available to other videographers as well. Videographer rates start at 65 cents per run, and 5% on each order. If you're shooting NCHA shows (or would like to start), drop us a line by completing the contact form on this page.

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